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Current Awardees

2022 SLO County Family-Friendly
Workplaces Award Recipients 


This award program is not only meant to celebrate employers who have implemented family-friendly policies, but also to uplift employers working towards more family-friendly practices while providing a valuable recruitment tool for local businesses. Congratulations to our 2022 Awardees!

Diamond (Distinguished Champion)

These recipients meet at least 5 family-friendly policies in each of the five categories.


Astound Broadband (October 2022)

CAPSLO (October 2022)

Morris & Garritano Insurance (May 2022)

Precision Construction Services (October 2022)

RRM Design Group (October 2022)

SESLOC  (October 2022)

The County of SLO (October 2022)



The Pad Climbing (October 2022)

Trust Automation (May 2022)



Wallace Group (October 2022)

Platinum (Trail Blazer)

Recipients meet at least 4 family-friendly policies in each of the five categories.

Lumina Alliance (October 2022)

The Land Conservancy (May 2022)

Transitions Mental Health Association (October 2022)

Wacker Wealth Partners (October 2022)

Water Systems Consulting (May 2022)

Gold (Committed Leader)

Recipients meet at least 3 family-friendly policies in each of the five categories.

First 5 SLO County (May 2022)

Glenn Burdette (October 2022)

SLO Food Bank (October 2022)

Silver (Rising Star)

Recipients meet at least 2 family-friendly policies in each of the five categories.

Eagle Medical (October 2022)

Idler’s Home (October 2022)

Rantec Power Systems (May 2022)

Scientific Drilling (May 2022)

Bronze (On the Pathway)

Recipients meet at least 1 family-friendly policy in each of the five categories


Granite Ridge Christian Camp

Movement for Life

SLO Classical Academy 

The SLO County Family-Friendly Workplace Award is brought to you by the Family-Friendly Workplace Accelerator Program, hosted by the SLO Chamber of Commerce, and sponsored by First 5 SLO County and the County of SLO in collaboration with the We Are The Care Initiative. 

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