Where to Start

This toolkit is for businesses on the Central Coast of all sizes. So, where do you begin?  Here are three start-now questions and suggestions. 


1- Where are We Now?

Start with an assessment of what IS. What laws that support working parents apply to your business? What policies or practices has the organization already put in place that support working parents?  How clear is it to employees what these laws, policies, and practices are?  How many employees at your company are working parents, and how many total children are they raising? 


2- Where is Our Potential? 

Get curious about what MIGHT be.  Ask working parent employees how they already feel supported on the job; then ask them what they would like to have or need in order to feel more supported.  Seek out and learn from other businesses that are known for some of the family-friendly practices. Get ideas by exploring this toolkit:

Accommodations & Support

3- When Should We Act?

Now, don't wait! Even small, affordable changes can shift the climate, and, in turn, open other opportunities. Be visible, intentional, and inclusive in your journey to build on a family-friendly culture at your workplace. 


To explore the WHY'S of a Family-Friendly Workplace,

see our page Better for Business.