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Everyone is talking about SLO Family-Friendly Workplaces!


The San Luis Obispo County Family-Friendly Workplaces Award is for public, private, and non-profit employers of any size in SLO County. The award seeks to recognize employers and support organizations that adopt and implement family-friendly workplace practices for their employees.


2024 Award Criteria 

  • "Red" Diamond (Care Conqueror) NEW LEVEL for 2024!

This new level has a focus on employer-sponsored childcare for employees, with a recognition that there is no one-size-fits-all childcare solution, but many options for employers to choose from. Employer-sponsored childcare is one of the most sought-after benefits on the market today. These options include:

  • On-site childcare that is fully operated by the employers

  • On-site childcare that is fully operated by external contractors

  • Direct sponsorship of, or partnering with preexisting, off-site childcare providers

  • Pre-arranged agreement (paid slots) with existing childcare providers

  • Offering Cash Assistance towards dependent care (vouchers/subsidies/stipends)

  • Employer-sponsored backup or emergency care

Recipients meet at least 7 family-friendly workplace practices in each of the five categories, provide at least one of the “Blue” Diamond high-impact family-friendly workplace benefits, AND offer at least one of the above employer-sponsored childcare benefits.

  • "Blue" Diamond (Change Makers)

Recipients meet at least 6 family-friendly workplace practices in each of the five categories AND provide at least one of the below high-impact family-friendly benefits.

  • Expanded Paid Family Leave

  • Allow Infants at Work Anytime

  • 100% Employer-Sponsored Health Care Coverage

  • Reduced Work Weeks

  • Fertility and/or Adoption Assistance

  • Diamond (Distinguished Champion)

Recipients meet at least 5 family-friendly workplace practices in each of the five categories.

  • Platinum (Trail Blazer)

Recipients meet at least 4 family-friendly workplace practices in each of the five categories.

  • Gold (Committed Leader)

Recipients meet at least 3 family-friendly workplace practices in each of the five categories.

  • Silver (Rising Star)

Recipients meet at least 2 family-friendly workplace practices in each of the five categories.

  • Bronze (On the Pathway)

Recipients meet at least 1 family-friendly workplace practice in each of the five categories


Award selection is based on the following FIVE family-friendly workplace practice categories and this sample of associated policies and practices:

CATEGORY ONE: Employer-Sponsored Child Care

  • On-Site or Near-Site Child Care

  • Vouchers, Discounts, Sponsored Slots

  • Subsidies, Stipends, and/or Reimbursements

  • Child Care Benefits Plans and Tax Strategies

  • Backup and Emergency Care

  • Infants-at-Work

CATEGORY TWO: Flexible Work & Scheduling

  • Flexible Scheduling Practices

  • Location Flexibility

  • Predictable & Stable Scheduling

CATEGORY THREE: Paid & Unpaid Leave

  • Paid Family Leave

  • Personal Leave

  • Vacation Leave

  • Pregnancy Leave

  • Medical Leave

CATEGORY FOUR: Health Benefits & Flexible Spending

  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

  • Flexible Spending

  • Fertility Benefits

  • Disability

  • Workplace Wellness Programs

CATEGORY FIVE: Parent Accommodations & Support

  • Lactation Accommodations

  • Training Opportunities

  • Support Groups

  • Employee Assistance Programs

Here is how to apply!

Complete the FREE self-assessment application online. The application takes about 15 minutes to complete. The assessment/application is a valuable tool that both measures how family-friendly an organization is, as well as provides an opportunity to learn about the many family-friendly practices that businesses of all sizes might consider implementing.  At the end of the self-assessment, you can decide if you would like to submit your application for award consideration. All applicants will be provided with the results of this assessment, information, educational materials to support furthering their efforts, and an invitation to meet with the SLO Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Manager.

Are you a 2022  or 2023 Award Winner? Apply for our 2024 Award,  and if you qualify you will receive an updated seal, certificate, and recognition! \


Application opens January 25!

Apply Here!

Recognition as an awardee will include:

  • Certificate of recognition of award and level

  • Use of digital SLO Family-Friendly Workplace Seal for use on the organization's website, business materials, promotion,  and recruiting materials

  • Inclusion in a press release to local media outlets

  • Inclusion in an email and social media announcement to hundreds of leading local businesses throughout the county

  • Inclusion of award recipients on the SLO Family-Friendly Workplace website

  • Designation as a Family-Friendly Workplace in local Chamber of Commerce directories

  • Invitations to SLO Family-Friendly Workplace roundtables, networking opportunities, and special events

  • Continued education, resources, and support

The SLO County Family-Friendly Workplaces Award is brought to you by the Family-Friendly Workplaces Accelerator Program, hosted by the SLO Chamber of Commerce, and sponsored by First 5 SLO County and the County of SLO in collaboration with the We Are The Care Initiative. 

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